Worst Types of Video Game Leaders

Leadership is a valued role that is difficult to obtain and excel at without the proper skills. Be they meglomaniacal villains or just dimwitted do-gooders, some charismatic types just don’t have it in them to run things. Don’t let our fictional video game characters convince you that they’re any different. They fall into these sub-types of “bad leader” all the same.


1. “I’m Doing This for Us!”

You know the type. The sort of leaders who have no problem destroying entire nations or compromising entire species because, in their mind, it’s for the greater good of everyone involved. As any enlightened thinker could probably agree, the Status Quo isn’t always a social condition with “progressive harmony” in mind, but these sorts of rulers take great artistic license when it comes to liberating the people from the shackles of oppression. Or the types of leaders who, in their own follies, wanted to make sure they future-proof themselves from making the same bad decisions of the past by making bad decisions in the future. Men and women like The Illusive Man (Mass Effect Series), Zeikfried (Wild ARMS), Sophia Lamb (Bioshock 2), Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid Series), and, depending on how you interpret his relationship with the Gerado, Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda Series) are the epitome of this attitude.


2. “I’m Doing This for Me!”

The opposite of the previous, these sorts of rulers have no qualms about their intentions with their powers: they do whatever it is they want. Sometimes the joy of total domination is enough for some, other times people just want to watch the world burn. The real unifying factor with these sorts of leaders is that they flaunt their power recklessly and need to remind everyone of whose in charge regularly. People who fit this bill are Kefka (Final Fantasy 6), Arthas (Warcraft Series), The Boss (Saint’s Row Series), The Mishima/Kazama Clan (Tekken Series), M. Bison (Street Fighter Series), King Bohan (Heavenly Sword), and Mundus (DmC: Devil May Cry).