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Some the Best Mobile Development Blogs

Development blogs are one of the best ways to keep up with everything in the world of mobile development. Whether it’s staying informed about major announcements or trying to gain an edge on competitors, there’s a development blog for every need.

This list has gathered all the best mobile development blogs into one place. You can find your new favorite blog by browsing the list and hearing from some of the blog authors themselves.

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If you know of a great development blog that should be on the list, let us know in the comments. And make sure to share this list with as many developers as possible!

Mobile Game Development Blogs

If you’re focused on developing mobile games, these sites are essential reading.

Game Analytics Blog


The Game Analytics Blog is perfect for mobile developers. Here’s what the team have to say about why you should check them out.

“Everyone can find value in our blog posts as we offer more than just industrial reports, we are a way of making newcomers understand how can analytics insights be used during the lifetime of their games and also we will always prefer to publish news and science rather than clickbait articles.”

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Pixel Prospector


Pixel Prospector is a site that many game developers will be aware of as a source of game assets. They publish lots of cool game artwork and also give general advice to game developers. Make sure to check out the main website as well as the tumblr blog for some good insight into game marketing as well.

Chartboost Blog


The guys at Chartboost publish 3 or 4 blog posts a week that cover some great topics related to mobile game development. This is definitely the blog to check out if you’re planning to launch a game in an exotic part of the world. The Chartboost team has covered mobile game launches all over the world and has regular Q+A’s mobile gaming experts.

The RenegadeCitizen Blog

RenegadeCitizen is one of the most thought-provoking mobile game development blogs online. They regularly investigate the issues facing game devs and more often than not they provide concrete solutions that any developer can use.

Ray Wenderlich

Ray Wenderlich is a favorite of everyone on the V-Play team. This is one of the best places on the internet for mobile game tutorials so give it a look as soon as you can. Ray has put together a very experienced team with expertise in a number of different areas, making this blog one of the biggest game development authorites online.

Making Games

If you want to learn to make great games, then take a look at Making Games. They post regular blog posts on the topic of game development and design. They also have a great newsletter, that you can sign up for free of charge.

Black Shell Media

Black Shell Media is a blog made up of expert writers, marketing professionals and game industry veterans. Make sure to check out their blog to get marketing tips, promotional strategies, development advice and more.


The Cashplay blog is a good read if you’re looking for a light-hearted look into the big stories in the world of mobile game development.

Mobile App Development Blogs


VisionMobile is a place where you can get expert insight into the app economy. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter in order to get their expert analysis as soon as it’s published.

Mobile Dev Memo


Mobile Dev Memo is a hub for great blog posts but they also publish their own posts which cover a range of engagement topics. It’s a great way to find the most popular posts of the day, just check out their front page to get the latest news.

Savvy Apps


Savvy Apps have an extremely stylish blog that tries to answer as many questions as possible for mobile developers. They boast over 20,000 subscribers, probably because they publish great posts every week.


Craig Hockenberry writes for Furbo when he’s not making apps or running websites. This is one of the longest running blogs on the list with posts dating back to 2007. It’s a great blog for mobile developers still looking for success.

Vungle Blog


The Vungle blog is a great read if you want to learn more about mobile monetization. Check out their site or subscribe to their newsletter for all the latest news about mobile advertising.

Developer Economics

While it may not be the most regularly updated blog, the team at Developer Economics publish some very high quality posts. It does its best to promote best practices and give its readers a balanced view of the development world.

Android Development Blogs

When it comes to Android, these blogs will help you to stay ahead of the curve. Make sure to check them out if you’re targeting a release on Google Play!

The CommonsBlog

The CommonsBlog covers everything to do with Android and updates every couple of days. It can show you how to achieve a number of visual effects for Android and has also published a number of books on the topic of Android development. Make sure to check it out!

Square Island

Square Island is written by Chiu-Ki Chan, a software engineer with over 6 years of experience working with Google. She gives plenty of development tips with code examples and images. The newsletter is a great way to stay up-to-date so make sure to subscribe.


Riggaroo is run by Rebecca Franks, an Android dev by day and a baker at night. Rebecca likes to share her skills via her blog with her most recent post at the time of writing being “How to create a group of File Templates in Android Studio – Part 3”.

You can also catch Rebecca on Twitter!

Android Developers Blog


The Android Developers Blog is the official blog of the Android Platform and it’s the first place to check for Android announcements. One of the highlights of the Android Developers Blog are the Android Developers Stories, where Google shines a light on some of the more unusual projects being created with their platform.

Android Authority

While Android Authority can be more device-orientated, their “How to” section has some great quick guides for configuring Android devices for development purposes. It’s the place to go if you need device help!

Android Hipster

Android Hipster is a regularly updated blog that’s full of tutorials and interesting opinion pieces. They also produce a podcast and are active on Twitter so make sure to hit them up with any Android questions you might have!

Grafix Artist

Grafix Artist focuses on visual aspects of Android development and is a great resource if you need help making your app or game look great on the Android platform. It has a special section full of tips too, which is a great starting point.

Honourable Mentions

  • Hermosa Programación

James from Hermosa Programación was in touch to tell us this about his site: “Hermosa Programación is a blog about android development for self-taught programmers. In it you will find examples downloadable Android Studio and more than 50 Android programming tutorials”.

iOS Development Blogs

Although V-Play is a fully cross-platform solution, you might be interested to stay on top of all the latest iOS news and development lists. The following blogs are recommended for staying on top of all things Apple-related.

iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly is a blog and newsletter that releases a round-up of all the best iOS articles every Friday. The round-up includes the best opinion pieces, resources and tutorials for mobile developers. Make sure to subscribe to get the most from iOS Dev Weekly.

iOS Goodies


iOS Goodies is not so much a blog as a great newsletter that sends out a round-up of the best articles and resources related to iOS every single week. If you’re interested in targeting the iOS platform, this blog will send you everything you need. They have a special focus on business and UI/UX.



NSHipster, besides being a great iOS blog, also publish hard books on mobile development. They post a weekly blog post on matters related to iOS and have a large number of accomplished contributors. Check out their archive and quizzes to get the most from NSHipster.

Swift Blog

The Swift Blog is the official blog for iOS developers so it’s often the first place to make announcements regarding the platform. It’s not the most regularly updated blog so it might be best to subscribe to the RSS feed so you still get the most from this blog.

Mobile Engagement Blogs

If you want to improve your user acquisition strategy or find out the latest way to optimize your app store pages, check out some of these blogs.

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