New Pokemon From Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon X and Y were released last week, and I’m pretty comfortable with going ahead and declaring them to be the best video games of the year. Seriously, when Grand Theft Auto 5 lets you pet Pikachu and feed him cupcakes to make him better at fighting, then we can have a debate about it. Until then, it’s not even close.

Of course, in addition to the all-important cuddling-and-cupcake mechanics, the new generation of Pokémon has also introduced an entirely new bunch of imaginary little fighting animals into the mix. So today, as is our tradition here at ComicsAlliance, I’m taking a look at the new batch to figure out the best new Pokémon from X and Y!

The three starter Pokémon are always a pretty interesting proposition, because they’re the ones you’re going to be using for most of the game — and, if you play it like I do, the way it is supposed to be played, they’re also the ones that you will form the strongest bond of trust and friendship with. This, of course is the natural result of making your pet fight squirrels that shoot lighting out of their faces, because really, what’s friendlier or more trusting than making animals knock each other out in ruthless, semimystical combat? Anyway, X/Y, the sixth generation of Pokémon, offered up some solid choices, but ultimately, I went with Fennekin for reasons that are probably obvious.

I mean, Chespin might look like Louise from Bob’s Burgers, which is definitely a plus, but it ends up evolving into something that looks like a palette-swapped version of Onslaught from Marvel Comics, and that’s not something I want around for an entire hundred-hour game. Froakie, the water starter, eventually involves into a gigantic frog ninja who wraps its tongue around its face like a Kamen Rider scarf, and while that’s kind of awesome, it’s also kind of gross. And then we have Fennekin, an adorable, fire-breathing version of the African fennic fox that grows up to be a straight up wizard.

Seriously: It carries around a wand that it uses to launch psychic death rays and Mystic Fire — the actual name of its signature move is Mystic Fire — at its enemies. Finally, we have revealed owls and cats for the bulls**t wizard pets that they truly are. Pyromantic foxes are where it’s at, y’all.